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Yes, Venezuela is going through a difficult time in its history, but the people want to work and have tremendous gifts and talents to offer.

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testimonial thumb Valocator

I can not believe the excellent service they offered me. Everything was simple, uncomplicated and fast. VA Locator made my life simple. You need any kind of help, they are what you need.

Launchin2Days Ana Maria, L2D

I needed a designer who could materialize what I was trying to convey to my peers. Definitely VA Locator found just what I needed. Now I have designs that convey the true meaning of Jose's Hands.

Jose’s Hands Ailen Gutierrez, Jose´s Hands

Ever since I began working with VAs, I get work done quicker, better, and for a better price than ever before. I would recommend using VAs to any entrepreneur.

Alex Miranda 22 Alex Miranda AM22

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Every day a new talented person asks himself, how can I earn money to live and still to have time to keep studying or start a new project?

That’s where our recruiters come in, to show them this opportunity, train them and schedule an interview to give you a prepared, motivated and efficient employee.Our trained VA’s can work with a team, or by themselves. You can train and mold a VA to suit the needs of your particular entrepreneurship, and eventually take care of tasks or even whole projects all by their own.

We work with people all around the world, mainly Venezuelans and other latinos, some of them, are acquaintances of some of our employees, some read our job postings IRL, but most of them we find through the internet.

You must be thinking: “I could do that myself”, and that’s true, you can dive in into the network, read all of their resumes, interview the ones that fit the criteria, test their skills and start over if you’re not satisfied with their skills. Now, that sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

That’s why we’re here to select the ones that best fit your position and introduce you to the best candidate possible.

We live in the 21st century; There are hundreds of ways to communicate with your assistants 24/07. In general, we work with applications such as Hangouts, Whatsapp and Skype. They will have a set amount of hours to work per day, but if you need a quick update on their work or you need a task done ASAP, you can message or call them through these platforms.